Welcome to MOBIESCAPE Android Games World!


Welcome to Mobiescape Android Games World!

MOBIESCAPE world has an immense pleasure to invite you all to fill your mind with adventures, mystery, puzzles, secrets, magics, fantasy based escape games to play on the Android play store. Our escape games make you think more logically and sometimes fantasy too. Our games are completely challenging and fascinating.

MOBIESCAPE varied from other escape games as we are unique in producing new escape game concepts. We have the best indoor, outdoor and adventure escape games to play on our site. Our escape games make the player enjoy and feel excited when they come to play a new escape game. We provide you with the package of surpassing which makes you more interested to visit our site every day to look upon for new escape games. Our games satisfy the player's expectation and remain more interesting. Our escape games are only for fun, entertaining purposes, not to entertain any bad activities.

MOBIESCAPE provides the best entertaining games based on all age groups to have fun and gives you the skill to solve all puzzles. We make you feel like an achievement as you move up the various levels of our game. Our games are completely free online games, where you can play at whatever time. Let us be a part of an entangled journey with MOBIESCAPE and have a refreshing day at a single click of a mouse. Have fun and enjoy a game!